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Gateway X is a venture studio and holding company that conceives, bootstraps, and scales both D2C brands and B2B businesses that serve marketers around the world. Our purpose is to help people grow, learn and reach their highest potential through the power of business and entrepreneurship. Led by experienced operators who have both bootstrapped ventures from scratch and grown venture-scale businesses, we match our unfair advantages in growth marketing and customer acquisition with promising co-founders and the right ideas. Unlike accelerators, incubators, or other venture studios, we focus on gaining traction with you, not finding your next funding round. Every future co-founder and CEO with Gateway X has 1) coachability 2) adaptability 3) entrepreneurial rigor 4) unique unfair advantages 5) a high ownership mindset. We co-found businesses with a capital light approach, and profitable orientation from day 1 and believe applying these constraints works to our advantage in validating ideas and gaining traction faster. We’re focussed on quality over quantity, and only launch 1 (maybe 2) businesses per year for that reason. We’re proudly based in Saint Louis, MO but embrace hybrid/remote work. Go back to

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