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Wanted: Strategic Finance Lead, Gateway X

Gateway X is a venture studio and holding company based in Saint Louis, MO, focused on conceiving, bootstrapping, and scaling innovative ventures at the cutting edge of all things digital marketing.
We're seeking an entreprenuerial financial leader (preference for full-time VP of finance level, open to right embedded fractional service providers) who can act as our day to day lead on all things finance for our holding company (Gateway X), and our portfolio companies (Unbloat, Aux Insights, Growth Assistant, and Bootstrapped Giants).
We're early in our search and looking for a partner that can support the growing needs of our holding company and portfolio companies. The important thing is whatever you come on as (be it full-time or fractional) , you're able to take 100% responsibility over the above responsibilities and more.
Role Overview:
As a Finance Partner at Gateway X, you will oversee and be responsible for entire financial operations across our holding company and portfolio companies. This role requires a blend of strategic foresight, operational expertise, and technical financial skills to ensure robust financial health and compliance within our dynamic venture studio environment.
Key Responsibilities:
-- Financial Planning and Forecasting: Develop and execute detailed financial forecasts (weekly cash flow, etc) and budgets, enhancing financial decision-making across the studio and its ventures.
-- Accounting oversight and Financial Reporting: Manage all aspects of accounting, including bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, and consolidation of financials for Gateway X and its portfolio companies.
-- Accounts Receivable and Payable: Oversee the drafting and sending of customer invoices and manage bi-weekly check runs to ensure timely financial transactions. -- Compensation: Lead design and implementation of compensation and/or profit sharing plans that help portfolio companies attract and retain talent.
-- Tax Management: Coordinate with the tax team for all tax-related matters, including correspondence and filing of sales taxes.
-- Advisory and CFO Services: Partner with portfolio CEOs to provide strategic financial modeling, working capital management, cost control solutions, and expense management.
-- Insurance and Risk Management: Administer company insurance policies and manage related financial compliance.
As our finance lead your day may be filled with:

-- Tackle specific financial ad-hoc analysis for each company at the intersection of finance and operations (e.g., unit economics, project margins, scenario modeling)
-- Run distribution calculations and process for portfolio co's after a profitable quarter -- Interface with portfolio company CEOs to run 10/10 monthly reporting and quarterly planning cycles -- Quarterback day to day with accounting, tax, and legal partners and coordinate an efficient monthly/quarter/year end close. -- Prepare for and run our monthly finance review sessions with GX team + CEOs
Who This Is a Perfect Fit For:
This role is ideal for a finance professional who has:
-- Extensive experience in holding company structures or venture studios, with a deep understanding of inter-company/parent company financial transactions and consolidations.
-- Demonstrated expertise in scaling financial operations in a multi-entity environment, facilitating operational transitions and supporting business growth.
-- A background in consulting or similar role with the ability to act as a strategic partner but also an appetite to get into nitty gritty details of analysis.
-- Strong organizational skills and proficiency in managing a comprehensive financial function across multiple business units.
-- Proven experience as a CFO or senior financial leader within a venture studio, holding company, or private equity environment.
-- Strong analytical and decision-making capabilities with a track record in financial modeling and resource management.
-- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a demonstrated ability to lead through influence and collaboration.
-- Knowledge of startup financing, including venture funding mechanisms and financial structuring.
About Gateway X
Gateway X is a venture studio and holding company that conceives, bootstraps, and scales both D2C brands and B2B businesses that serve marketers around the world. Led by experienced operators who have both bootstrapped ventures from scratch and grown venture-scale businesses, we match our unfair advantages in growth marketing and customer acquisition with promising co-founders and the right ideas. We build businesses with a capital-light approach, and profitable orientation from day 1 and believe applying these constraints works to our advantage in validating ideas and gaining traction faster. We’re proudly based in Saint Louis, MO but embrace hybrid/remote work. Our purpose is to help people grow, learn, and reach their highest potential through the power of business and entrepreneurship.