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Join TEWÜN, a groundbreaking luxury fashion brand inspired by the rugged beauty of Patagonia. This is an unparalleled opportunity to lead from the ground floor and shape the future of a well-defined and highly anticipated brand.
Role Overview:
As CEO, you will spearhead the growth and development of TEWÜN, driving strategic initiatives and operational excellence to position the brand as leader in the luxury apparel category. You will be supported by co-founders, Andres Sorzana, Wences Casares, and Jesse Pujji, who will provide robust financial backing and the visionary support. You will lead TEWÜN to cultivate a devoted following that drives revenue growth.
Key Responsibilities:
-- Vision & Strategy: Craft and articulate a compelling vision for TEWÜN, developing a strategic roadmap that outlines clear milestones for growth and market penetration. Picture yourself presenting a global vision to the board and rallying the team around it. -- Marketing Leadership: Design and implement cutting-edge marketing campaigns that resonate with luxury consumers and build on a compelling brand narrative. Imagine coordinating a high-profile launch event, where every detail from venue to guest list reflects the brand's ethos.
-- Leadership and Team Building: Assemble a top-tier executive team, bringing together talent that complements your strategic objectives. Envision yourself conducting interviews and making key hiring decisions that will shape the company's future.
-- Financial Stewardship: Oversee financial operations, ensuring the company remains well-capitalized and fiscally healthy. You might spend your morning reviewing financial reports and then negotiating with investors in the afternoon. -- Stakeholder Engagement: Build strong relationships with artisans, suppliers, and key industry stakeholders. Picture traveling to Patagonia to meet local artisans, ensuring their craftsmanship aligns with TEWÜN’s high standards.
-- Culture Cultivation: Foster a company culture that embodies adventure, authenticity, and excellence. Imagine hosting team-building retreats in natural settings that inspire creativity and commitment.
Who This Is a Perfect Fit For: -- Entrepreneurial Leader: You thrive in startup environments and have a track record of building and scaling brands. This isn't your first rodeo, and you love building from 0-->1. -- Brand & Performance Marketing Expert: Strongly versed in both brand and performance marketing, understanding how to balance long-term brand building with immediate sales growth. --Passionate Visionary: You are deeply passionate about luxury fashion and have a profound appreciation for craftsmanship. Imagine yourself being the face of a brand that values tradition and innovation. -- Talent Magnet: Your communication skills inspire and motivate diverse teams. You've got a track record of attracting, assembling, and retaining top talent throughout your career.
-- Proven Leadership Experience: 10+ years in executive roles, ideally within the luxury fashion industry or other ecommerce comparable. -- Entrepreneurial background: Track record of turning brands from a product to a powerhouse.
-- Strategic Planning Expertise: Demonstrated success in developing and executing strategic business plans. Imagine crafting a roadmap that guides TEWÜN to market leadership.
-- Financial Acumen: Strong financial management skills, including forecasting and budget oversight. Visualize reviewing financial reports and making data-driven decisions that ensure fiscal health.
-- Team Building: Exceptional ability to build relationships and lead high-performing teams.
-- Industry Network: A robust network within the fashion and luxury goods industry. Envision leveraging your connections to open doors and create opportunities for TEWÜN.
-- Advanced Education: An MBA or equivalent experience preferred.

TEWÜN is a luxury fashion brand inspired by the rugged and pristine wilderness of Patagonia. The brand emphasizes craftsmanship and heritage, creating products like jackets, vests, and ponchos that are handmade by local artisans. TEWÜN aims to capture the spirit of adventure and the timeless, unpolluted way of life in Patagonia. The products are positioned as heirloom-grade pieces made from natural fibers, intended to improve with age and usage. The brand is geared towards individuals who value authenticity, adventure, and high-quality craftsmanship.

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